Misconceptions About Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal defense lawyers are often misunderstood and have been the subject of many myths. These myths can make people reluctant to seek legal representation or believe they are better off defending themselves in court. In reality, criminal defense lawyers play an essential role in the justice system by ensuring that individuals receive a fair trial and that their constitutional rights are upheld. Misconception: Criminal Defense Lawyers Are Only For Guilty People 

Why Divorced Families Need A Holiday Custody Schedule

The holidays have come and gone, and if you are a divorced or separated parent who celebrated their first holiday without your children, it can be a tough time. It can be tough to deal with custody issues during the holidays, especially if you do not have a proper holiday custody schedule. This is typically a point brought up during custody negotiations. However, if you did not do that, now is a good time to think about it as a new year begins.

Planning To Divorce? See Why You Should Prioritize Online Mediation

Handling the divorce process can sometimes be a big challenge when you and your spouse live thousands of miles away, perhaps in different states. However, this doesn't mean you shouldn't proceed with the process. You could still hold the divorce proceedings through online mediation. This platform helps you reach an agreement with your spouse through the guidance of a mediator or divorce lawyer without meeting physically. Unfortunately, most people just think about traditional mediation services, not knowing that online divorce mediation could even be more efficient and reliable, mainly when they are far apart or don't want to face each other physically.

Legal Marriage Separation Agreement: Do You Need One?

If your spouse no longer wishes to stay married to you or allow you to see your kids, you may wonder if the other spouse can legally keep you from your kids. Under normal circumstances, you can still see your children during the divorce. However, you may want to create a legal marriage separation agreement to reinforce your rights to see your children. Learn more about legal marriage separation agreements and how you can obtain an agreement below.

Served With Divorce Papers? What You Should Do

There are few things can rattle your world quite like getting handed divorce papers if you didn't know that they were coming. At least if you knew they were coming, you probably had time to prepare and get some things in order. If you didn't know that your spouse was filing for divorce, though, there are some things that you should do after you've been served. Here's a look at a few things that you need to consider if you've just received divorce papers.