Divorce Lawyer: See What Your Divorce Settlement Should Include

If you have decided to divorce, you just hope that you will get a fair settlement. However, it's good to come up with realistic expectations. Even if you feel that your partner is fully responsible for your woes, you should not expect to get all you want. For instance, it's unrealistic to expect that you will have full custody of your kids, own all the businesses, get all the title deeds, and keep the family house and car all by yourself. However, this doesn't mean you shouldn't fight for a fair share of the estate and other assets. And because it's sometimes hard to navigate the process yourself, hire a divorce lawyer to help you create a comprehensive and realistic divorce settlement agreement. But what exactly should you include in your divorce settlement? Read on.

The Fate of Your Marital Home

You probably would like to remain in your family house, more so if you are awarded the custody of your children. But in most situations, the court ensures that you and your spouse get an equal share of your property. So if the court doesn't give you the right to own it, you may choose to buy it. However, it's crucial to find out whether keeping the house is a good idea for you.

If you opt to sell the family house and share the money, your divorce settlement should stipulate the terms of the sale. For example, you may be required to list the house within the first thirty days of your divorce process and sell it at a specified amount. In this situation, a divorce lawyer can help you formulate fair terms to ensure you don't lose a single percentage of your share in the process. 

Parental Duties

Usually, you and your ex-spouse have the right to spend time with your kids unless there are justifiable reasons to prevent one from doing so. After all, children need to maintain a good relationship with their two parents. For this reason, your divorce settlement should clearly state the parental responsibility that each of you will take because parenting is a right that the children shouldn't be denied. The divorce agreement should include the financial support each parent should give and how you will meet the kids' needs. 

Debt Burden

Assets are not the only things you share when you decide to divorce; you also share liabilities. Unfortunately, debts are one of the liabilities that many divorcees find hard to share. You should start by listing all the debts you have jointly or individually and share them equally, just like the assets. Ensure you include the debt payment plan in your divorce settlement because it's helpful in several ways. For instance, you can present the plan to the creditors as tangible evidence if they follow you for any debt associated with your partner.

Every spouse wants to get a fair share of their property when they divorce, but this sometimes doesn't happen. If you don't know what to include in the divorce settlement plan, the divorce process might not be favorable to you. And because it's always a complicated process, let a divorce lawyer help you create a fair divorce settlement plan.