Divorce Law Attorney Services

It's generally not a situation in which someone wishes to find themself, but sometimes divorce is either a necessity for your own health and mental well-being or else the result of a petition by your soon-to-be ex-partner. Many ask themselves if they really need an attorney to navigate the process of a divorce. In some cases, the answer might actually be "no, you do not." Chances are, however, you won't find yourself within this very niche demographic, and even if an attorney isn't a requisite, it's probably still a very good idea.  

When Do You Need a Divorce Attorney? 

Generally, the services of a divorce attorney aren't absolutely requisite in situations where there are no marital assets to split between parties, and/or one person wishes to waive their potential rights to spousal support or parental custody. Chances are, however, there are at least some marital assets that would need to be split between both spouses, and most have other assets (such as retirement, real estate, and other property) that would have to be adjudicated by a family court judge. And, even in situations where there is an ostensible agreement between both spouses as to the division of the marital assets and any other matters pertaining to divorce law, etc., it's still generally always a good idea to have a divorce attorney on retainer. Once a divorce agreement is certified by a divorce court, it can be an extremely time consuming (not to mention expensive) proposition to have it amended. Having a bar-registered divorce attorney on your side can help you navigate various common mistakes the uninitiated novice can easily make out of ignorance.  

How Valuable Are an Attorney's Services?

The reasonable monetary retainer you must pay for a divorce attorney's services might initially seem like a steep sum, but when it's compared to the long-term effects of the divorce agreement over the years (sometimes even decades) the value can become readily apparent. A few thousand dollars at the time of the divorce can pale in comparison to the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars that you might have otherwise lost without the legal advice of a lawyer. In fact, even divorce attorneys faced with a divorce of their own will invariably hire a separate divorce attorney to represent them in court. That's how objectively valuable a divorce attorney's services actually are. It's not that they're smarter or have a greater attention for detail — it's that their detachment from the emotional aspect of the divorce can lend them unprejudiced insight as to the situation (and the best way forward). 

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