Were You In A Fight At An Event And Now You Think You May Get Served? 3 Reasons To Get A Lawyer Now

Did you get into a physical fight at a local event, and now that time has passed you have heard that the other person involved is pressing charges? If you have not received anything in the mail but have concerns that this may be true, you want to contact a criminal defense attorney. You want to get on top of the situation before you get blindsided, and you want to start working to gather a defense plan. Here are some of the things to consider, and why you don't want to hesitate to reach out to a lawyer.

Avoid Embarrassment

You want to avoid being served with papers by the court while you are at work, out in a social setting, or at your home when the neighbors could all see. Your lawyer can see if anything has been filed or if there is paperwork pending, and if so schedule a time for you to possibly be served at the office so that you can keep it disclosed from other people. This is especially important if this could affect your job or family.

Get Evidence Gathered

The more time that passes, the harder it is to gather evidence. You want your lawyer to start looking for video footage, eyewitnesses, medical bills and other things that will indicate that you weren't the sole one to blame for the altercation, and so you have a counter case if the issue goes in front of a judge.

Settle Without a Courtroom

If you want to keep this information out of the papers, you want to settle out of court. A lawyer can work to find out who the other person's lawyer is, and what can be done to settle out of court. If you have enough evidence that could show that the other person could also be charged, you may be able to work a deal to pay the medical bills and be done with the issue.

If you were involved in the fight but you weren't the sole person to blame for the issue, and you want to make sure that you are protected and that you don't get embarrassed in the workplace or at home, get a lawyer right away. You want to get ahead of whatever is going to happen, and you want your lawyer to work to keep your name out of the papers and you out of a courtroom.