Three Reasons Why You Should Not Date While Separated

Once you and your spouse have legally separated, you may then decide to pursue another relationship. You can't stop living your life just because you are heading toward a divorce, but you also don't want to compromise your future on a new relationship that may not last. Before choosing to date other people, you have to consider what type of impact it will have on your divorce.

Every state is different in terms of how long you have to be separated before you can file for divorce. For some states, it may not take but a few days, while other states it may be more like a year. However long your state requires you to be separated, here are some reasons why you should not date until the divorce is finalized. 

Legal Ramifications

Not all divorces are alike and many of them will end up in the court system with the couples fighting over spousal support, property, kids, and more. Some states see couples as still being married until the divorce is finalized. By dating during the separation period, the court could look at it as you committing adultery.

In return, this could impact the way the court rules on issues affecting the divorce. You could end up losing spousal support, property, and more. Before you start dating, you want to talk to your divorce lawyer about how it could affect your case. They may advise you to wait until the court has made their final ruling to ensure there are no ramifications with you dating. 

Open to Scrutiny

When you choose to bring in another person into you and your children's lives, the courts could likely scrutinize your boyfriend or girlfriend. This is especially important when there are children involved. Should the court investigate your current boyfriend or girlfriend and find that they have a bad past, it could affect the divorce and the custody of your kids. If your former spouse is vindictive, they may decide to sue your new significant other for alienation of affection. This can be a lot for someone to undergo who is new in your life. 

Spare Others' Feelings

It is always a good idea to keep things cordial between you and your former spouse. Regardless of why you both decided to separate and divorce, it is important to take time to get through all the divorce proceedings before choosing to date. Should your former spouse find out that you are dating, it could affect your relationship and make things harder in the future. Until the divorce is final, you don't want to give them any ammunition to fight with you in court. Otherwise, you could end up spending more money and a longer amount of time getting divorced. Contact a family law attorney to learn more.